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LoudCore was created and is owned by Kevin Greenlee. Any use of LoudCore material must have permission from the creator before any sort of distribution. Any sort of use of LoudCore material without permission will have legal actions taken against them. Be nice and support independent artists.

Video game composer and music producer, Kevin Greenlee, alias LoudCore, is one of the many new talents with lots of potential emerging from the state of Alabama. Ever since 2006, when he first put his hands on audio creation software, he has been perfecting his style and working hard so that one day he would get recognition for his creation of music. Since then, he has had the chance to compose for a wide variety of independent games. Kevin is getting more and more recognitions and requests from everywhere around the world from his music. In exception, increasing his sound quality is most important. Kevin Greenlee alias LoudCore continues to improve to become one of the best producers out there.

Permissions and use

All songs/loops/etc that are provided on the LoudCore/LoudCoreStore/or any other website, are property of LoudCore and Kevin Greenlee. Any online distribution without the creators approval will be requested immediate removal. If any audio file/graphic/design is used in a commercial piece of media without consent, legal actions will be taken against the holder if any amount of revenue was obtained.

Production Works: LoudCore's actual music production works (albums, EPs, singles, WIPS) are allowed to be used for any non-commercial media if credit is given. If you are unsure about anything, please visit the contact page. Any song that is available on loudcore.bandcamp.com/itunes/ or any other online music distributor, falls under "production works"

Game Works: LoudCoreStore's productions/songs/loops/etc are not allowed to be ripped/stolen/recorded or used in non commercial media unless permission is granted. After purchase of any audio work from the store, you are allowed to use it in any sort of media you prefer. Royalties are not required until the project/media exceeds over $20,000 in revenue. A 10% revenue share per sale/payment term will be required after the limit is reached. If this needs to be discussed because of financial issues, please visit the contact page.