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My song "Desire" off of my Engage EP is free to download for a short period of time. Be sure to grab it!

You can get it here. Download here!


Big thanks to CodeHatch for providing me with amazing instrument toolset for my music. So far it has been absolutely incredible and I can't wait to see what I am capable of making with this. Again, thanks so much guys. Also I will be producing a full album for StarForge for the remainder of this year and continuing onto the next. I am ridiculously excited to see how this turns out. Be sure to follow more about it by visiting www.starforge.com

(Pure Awesome)

My music was featured on WTAK 106.1's Huntsville's Rock Station. They played Disintegrate off of my Engage EP and it was awesome. I'll be sure to upload the recording from the station very soon.

Thanks guys for all of your support recently, it really means a lot and I promise lots of awesome new content VERY soon.


Congratulations to the StarForge team for reaching (and over achieving) their campaign goal (as well as getting accepted for Steam)! Can't wait to see what's to come in the future. Very excited to be doing music for the game.

You can check it all out at http://www.starforge.com

It's up, it's out, check it out!! The StarForge IndieGoGo Campaign has started! Lots of cool new features have been added since the last video, and of course it features some awesome new tunes (such as the StarForge Theme, Odyssey, Orion Station.)


Please help us make this game by supporting the IndieGoGo campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/starforge

Starforge Theme: http://loudcore.bandcamp.com/album/starforge-the-game-ost
"Odyssey": http://loudcore.bandcamp.com/track/odyssey
"Orion Station": http://loudcore.bandcamp.com/track/orion-station

Play the free demo version here:

Steam Greenlight:

Featured on:
Rock Paper Shotgun
PC Gamer
Indie Gamer Magazine
Cinema Blend

"A new version of StarForge will be released containing multiplayer, procedural weapons, terraforming and vehicles will be released for backers who support our campaign and those who have previously purchased a copy.

Please share this stuff with as many people as you can. :) We'll try our best but we need your help to reach our full potential. Many thanks to those who have given continual support. We hope to go far with this project and take you all there with us!"


After a year, I've finally got around to re-releasing the original LoudCore album! This is the album that started it all. The album originally contained 16 tracks, the CD version had 2 bonus tracks. I decided to release all the songs on the online version, so that's a total of 18 tracks! Go check it out!

Google Play
and many many more!

...Soon, the site will receive a major overhaul on it's design and functions. Expect to see this change within the next month or two. The new design will give a cleaner look and make things easier to navigate. I promise it wont look like something from 1998.

In the meantime, check out the new LoudCore logo and downloadable wallpapers:

Wallpaper 1 (black)
Wallpaper 2 (white)

I'm currently doing music for lots of new games at the moment as well. Last but not least though, a good chunk of new songs have been uploaded to the LoudCore Store, be sure to check them out!


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