Kromaia = Best sound/music finalist.


What they say:

"Where Silas really does shine is in its music, with thirty individual tracks that fit the different track styles well, such as the ultramodern techno tunes in space to the tangy banjo strings on the farm. For as long as I played the soundtrack never got boring or repetitive."

- Gamezebo


"The soundtrack is also pretty cool, with plenty of adrenaline-pumping techno tunes by Kevin “Loudcore” Greenlee. "

- 148apps


"Its courses are fun to navigate, it boasts some very pretty graphics, and its soundtrack has some thumpin' good tunes."

- SlideToPlay


"The audio was certainly the game’s strongest feature. The music was really fast paced and upbeat. It was recorded by Loudcore. The Electronica music certainly fit’s the futuristic feel of most of the game."

- LazyAssGamer